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After successfully working on, a set of APIs related to Covid-19 stats, empowering developers, hackers and makers across the globe we decided to build a chat bot which replies to user's queries regarding Coronavirus / Covid-19.

The main motive behind this site was to try to curb the spread of rumours and unverified data circulated through many social media sites and applications. Hearing about the tragic deaths that happened to the people who tried to replicate or try out the therapies that were circulated via the so called WhatsApp University was enough to move us and motivate us to dedicate our time, energy and thoughts on this project.

As two independent developers, we faced two main challenges in building a chat-bot:

  1. Sustain the costs of running a chat-bot for a few months
  2. Scattered data regarding Covid-19

Still determined on tackling this problem, we changed our plans from a proper chat-bot to this site where all the FAQ are indexed and are easily searchable thus providing information in a similar manner. This approach also meant we could easily scale and reach a larger audience easily.

For all the makers reading this, the code is open-sourced on GitHub and can be found here. Contributions are always welcome!

The information is accumulated from credible sources such as World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention USA, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare India, etc For a full list our sources, check out the Sources Page

We are now a team of Doctors and Engineers determined to fight against Covid19 (Corona Virus) by providing the right information.

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Our Team

We are a team of doctors and engineers together in this fight against Covid-19!

Saiprasad Balasubramanian
Saiprasad Balasubramanian
Harsh Jain
Harsh Jain
Anish Tipnis
Anish Tipnis
Kalpesh Rotkar
Kalpesh Rotkar

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